Brexit and the Covid 19 pandemic have had a vast effect on trade and investment (particularly international) and we have built a specialist legal team to help advise on legal implications.

At Excello Law we are here to help clients navigate the post-Brexit legal minefield, bringing together a range of disciplines from across the firm to advise on post-Brexit related legal issues.

Our experienced solicitors can provide advice on

  • Employment
  • Immigration
  • Company & Commercial
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data Protection
  • Charities & Social Enterprise
  • Family
  • Trusts and Succession
  • Civil Litigation
  • Insolvency & Corporate Recovery
  • Real Estate

Our Trade & Investment updates

Brexit and Switzerland, the Queen’s speech and a UK Bill of Rights

May 30, 2022

Brexit and Morocco, corporate re-domiciliation and UK’s Subsidy Control Act

May 04, 2022

Brexit and Switzerland, the EU Digital Markets Act and the UK’s green energy subsidy scheme

April 04, 2022

“Brexit Freedoms” bill, trading in South Korea and UK draft Economic Crime Bill

March 09, 2022

Brexit and judicial review, public procurement and Singapore

January 04, 2022

Brexit and the EU’s sustainable finance disclosure regulation, smart contracts and Israel

December 06, 2021

Italy trade talks, Brexit rules of origin and corporate re-domiciliation

November 04, 2021

Trade & Investment (post Brexit) update: Estonia, UK regulatory reform and investment into UK tech

October 05, 2021

Trade & Investment (post Brexit) update: Entente cordiale & international data transfers

September 06, 2021

Trade & Investment update: China, amending the Protocol and Hague Judgments Convention

August 10, 2021

Brexit update: Finding talent, battery gigafactories and the Lugano Convention

July 12, 2021

Brexit update: Singapore DEA, subsidy control & UK prospectus regime

July 05, 2021

Brexit update: All-Ireland trade boom, financial services & access to EU market for UK TV sector

June 29, 2021

Brexit update: The Protocol, financial regulations and EU competition policy

June 23, 2021

Brexit update: It’s all about trade – Norway, Switzerland and Poland

June 07, 2021

Brexit update: EU regulation on foreign subsidies, digital identity and UK Companies Act

June 07, 2021

Brexit update: Netherlands feeling the benefits, a touch of Frost and The Lugano Convention

May 26, 2021

Brexit update: The Queen’s speech, Germany and new EU VAT e-commerce package

May 18, 2021