Our Services

Minerals, Environment & Renewable Energy

We provide a range of services to clients in this specialist field.

We act for both landowners and operators on minerals matters, including options, leases and purchases of mineral bearing land, disputes between landlords and tenants, mineral sterilisation claims, mineral planning, and redevelopment of former in this field has been mineral workings. The foremost legal precedent work has been written by one of our practitioners, who is nationally recognised as an expert in his field.

In the environmental sphere, we advise on waste issues (including waste planning and licencing) contaminated land, statutory nuisance and pollution control, and have advised operators of large and small industrial plants, as well as those adversely affected by their operations.

Our team of experts is well-versed in navigating the intricate landscape of renewable energy regulations and ensuring that our clients not only meet compliance standards but also capitalize on available incentives and subsidies. In the realm of telecommunications, we provide comprehensive guidance on site selection, lease negotiations, and compliance with the Electronic Communications Code 2017. From the inception of large-scale wind energy projects to the implementation of cutting-edge solar farms and innovative battery storage sites, we remain at the forefront of facilitating environmentally conscious initiatives. Our commitment extends beyond legal counsel; we strive to be strategic partners, fostering a sustainable future for our clients and the communities they serve.