Our Services

Family Law & Mediation

We understand family break up can be traumatic, both for adults and, in particular, for any children involved. Our family lawyers will give you practical and honest advice in order to protect your interests and achieve the best possible solution for you and your family.

We offer the full range of family law services including:
  • Divorce, separation and dissolution of civil partnerships; often dealing with complex, high net worth divorces where there are frequently overseas assets, private companies, trusts and pensions
  • Financial settlements including maintenance, property orders and pension sharing
  • Cohabitation agreements and advice on financial issues following the breakup of a cohabitation relationship
  • Children cases including all child arrangement orders and applications to remove a child from the jurisdiction
  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • Mediation (including hybrid mediation) and collaborative law

Alternative ways of resolving family disputes

There are occasions when clients can resolve their problems through mediation or collaborative law rather than going through the family court. We will always support clients who want to avoid conflict and negotiate their own arrangements.

Mediation involves the couple sitting down together with a mediator who will facilitate discussion and assist the individuals to find their own solutions. The mediator cannot give legal advice and will not prepare court documents so each client will need to instruct their own lawyer.

Collaborative law involves each client being represented by their own collaborative lawyer and all negotiations take place at a number of 4 way meetings where each client, supported by their lawyer, sits around the table and negotiates their own settlements. We find that couples can often resolve their disputes and achieve a solution which best suits them in only two or three meetings.