New book focuses on employment law issues for 21st century businesses

Excello employment lawyer Sarah King has published her first book focusing on employment law issues for 21st century businesses.

Called ‘The Evolution of Work’, the book is a practical and easy to read reference guide for employers focusing on key topics including the status of workers – from zero-hours and gig economy workers, to the self-employed and employees – as well as working models including flexible, agile and home working, the use of technology in and outside the workplace, social media and future considerations for employers covering artificial intelligence, Brexit and virtual reality.

Each chapter concludes with a useful checklist for employers to review their policies and processes ensuring they reflect the changing nature of work.

Sarah commented: “Technology is changing the way we do business but also changing the way businesses work.  However technology in and out of the workplace is not without its challenges for employers in terms of confidentiality, security and use of social media by staff.  Businesses need to adapt to this change to survive; my book highlights those areas employers need to consider.”

‘The Evolution of Work’ is available as both an e-book and in paperback from Amazon.