Concern Over Deficiencies in Flexible Working Bill

Employment Specialist Lawyer Hina Belitz discusses her concerns about the new Flexible Working Bill in her recent article for HR Magazine. Hina sees positives in the bill but also points out several issues. The bill is a step forward, but it only gives employees the right to ask for flexible work, not to get it. The requirement for employees to justify their request’s impact on the employer is removed. However, employers might still dismiss requests without proper understanding. The bill limits employees to two requests a year and reduces the employer’s response time, but these changes are seen as minor.

A key concern is the lack of clarity about when employees can make flexible working requests, especially from the start of employment. This is crucial for those needing to manage childcare from day one. Additionally, Hina suggests that the bill might not be the best approach for disabled employees. They might benefit more from discussing “reasonable adjustments” directly with employers instead of relying solely on flexible work requests, as the latter might not be taken seriously.

While the Flexible Working Bill is a positive move, Hina emphasises the need for clearer guidelines to ensure effective implementation and meaningful support for employees seeking flexible work arrangements.

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