Beware the new model law firm tag – a history lesson from The Times!

We were amused to make the pages of The Times Law Brief recently with the following story – duly noted!

“It is nearly 360 years since Cromwell’s New Model Army disbanded, but thankfully the legal profession is now blessed by a species known as the ‘new model law firm’.

The term can mean almost anything to anyone who wants to distinguish a practice from the boring old-school partnership structure.  One of those outfits has just announced that it is merging.

Excello Law – which actually describes itself as a ‘national new model law firm’, which is very Cromwellian – has tied the knot with Dorman Joseph Wachtel, a London commercial firm.

Let’s face it, this is not one of those massive legal profession marriages that is going to be measured in millions of pounds of turnover.  Instead it is an excuse for us to make a few quips about Roundheads and Cavaliers.

George Bisnought, the Roundhead founder of Excello, said the smaller practice was seduced down the aisle by ‘our experience of supporting team moves, giving them the freedom to expand their business with the backing and infrastructure of Excello Law, while offering additional expertise to their clients from across the breadth of our commercial, private client and family specialists’.

Fair enough, but Bisnought would do well to recall that while Cromwell may have died a hero in 1659, his body was exhumed two years later from Westminster Abbey, hanged in chains at Tyburn and then thrown into a pit.”

The Times Law Diary – 1.11.18