About us

The Pearlford Foundation

Our Promise

The Pearlford Foundation holds immense promise for transforming the legal profession. Through support, mentorship, and resources for aspiring legal professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds, we are committed to fostering a more inclusive and diverse industry.

George Bisnought, Founder


Our Mission
The Pearlford Foundation will help to revolutionise the legal profession by enhancing accessibility through mentorship and bursaries. Founded by Excello Law CEO George Bisnought, inspired by his parents’ resilience as part of the Windrush generation, the Pearlford Foundation is committed to creating opportunities for aspiring individuals to fulfill their legal career dreams.

Our Objectives

Supporting Local Communities

The Pearlford Foundation actively contributes to local charities, clubs, and associations in areas where Excello Law has a presence. Our aim is to foster positive social impact and strengthen community bonds.

Empowering Disadvantaged Individuals

Recognising disparities in the legal profession, especially regarding ethnic diversity, The Pearlford Foundation prioritises supporting disadvantaged individuals. Through mentoring programs and bursaries, we create opportunities for aspiring legal professionals from underrepresented backgrounds.

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