Paula Williamson introduces new certificate in data protection practice for Education staff

Excello Data Protection Partner Paula Williamson is the Director of Tenjin Limited. Paula has joined forces with Amberhawk Training Limited to produce a new three-day, certified, live online training course exclusively for hard-pressed data protection practitioners working in educational establishments (especially public authority schools, trusts and independent schools).

The qualification is called the Certified Data Protection Practitioner in Education. The courses are delivered by experts who have over 50 years’ experience in data protection and of the educational sector; they commence in March 2024.

Paula Williamson, Director of Tenjin said: “We have ensured that the syllabus covers data protection flashpoints typically encountered by educational organisations. For example, “data sharing with the Police, TRA or local Authority for safeguarding purposes; use of Artificial Intelligence in the context of recruitment and selection, and data protection issues when sharing personal data with EdTech service providers.”

The course”, Ms. Williamson explained, “covers both routine issues such as  sharing pupil data with the PTA, through to more complex data protection issues such as  creating compliant “consent mechanisms” for use of pupil images for different purposes. The rigour of the syllabus ensures practitioners are exposed to the most thorough specialist training currently available.”

Dr Chris Pounder, Director of Amberhawk Training Limited,  added “We are pleased to join forces with Tenjin”. He continued “Data protection is a complex area of law which changes frequently. The last eight years has seen three Data Protection laws and the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, if enacted, will amend the law again.

Dr Pounder continued “Data protection raises specific complex issues.  Data Protection staff in our schools deserve training and a qualification that is focused on their needs”.

Paula Williamson concluded “The Certified Data Protection Practitioner in Education combines Amberhawk’s and Tenjin’s deep and practical understanding of how data protection law and practice applies in an educational context with the power of certification. This allows data protection professionals working in the education sector to obtain the necessary knowledge, with the required rigour, from our specialist expert tutors.

Further Information about Expertise and Syllabus

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