How NewLaw has shattered the glass ceiling: why we’re proud to support the Women in Law Summit

Since 1990, women have represented more than 60% of new entrants into law, yet we continue to see female talent not being fairly represented at the highest levels in the profession and a loss of experienced lawyers due to outdated and inflexible working practices.

Excello Law was founded to provide an environment for ambitious, successful lawyers free from the hierarchy, internal politics and target-driven culture of traditional law.  George Bisnought, MD, commented: “We’re proud that women are equally represented within our firm and that we provide true freedom, flexibility and control for all our lawyers to determine where, when and how they work.

“We’re delighted to be speaking at this month’s Women in Law Summit in London, which provides a much-needed platform for female lawyers and firms to engage, network and learn from others to improve diversity and inclusion.”

As lawyers demand that the profession catches up with 21st century ways of working, the Excello workshop will look at the alternatives to traditional private practice and ask if partnership is the be all and end all for ambitious lawyers in the next decade?

We’ll look at the options, skills and knowledge that give lawyers maximum flexibility to balance their career objectives and personal life, reduce work-related stress and increase happiness.

Held at London’s Olympia on Friday 17th May, it is Europe’s largest conference dedicated to driving gender diversity and inclusion within the legal sector and will attract over 800 professionals from across the country.  See Women in Law Summit for further information.