Heather Summers Advises Handl Group in Health Division Expansion

In a strategic move to bolster its health and wellbeing division, Handl Group has successfully acquired Paediatric Specialist Physiotherapy (PSP) and Osiris Health, with guidance from Heather Summers, a distinguished Corporate and Commercial Property Lawyer at Excello Law. This acquisition marks a significant expansion within the healthcare sector and underscores Handl’s commitment to addressing the evolving demands for specialised rehabilitation services.

The addition of PSP and Osiris Health to Handl’s portfolio underscores the company’s commitment to addressing the evolving demands for specialised rehabilitation services. This acquisition follows Handl’s previous acquisition of Reach and the launch of Mind Right, further solidifying its position as a leading provider in the field.

Daniel Franklin, Chief Strategy Officer at Handl Group, highlighted the company’s dedication to fostering growth among its investments. Franklin emphasised the importance of creating synergies between acquired entities, citing the potential for PSP and Osiris Health to collaborate with existing brands like Reach and Mind Right. This integrated approach, Franklin noted, would enable Handl Group to provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to neurorehabilitation.

Under the terms of the deal, Peter Sanderson, Clinical Services Director at PSP, will continue his role within the company. Leveraging his expertise in anatomy, chemo denervation, and medicines optimisation, Sanderson is poised to play a crucial role in advancing Handl’s health and wellbeing division. His extensive experience as a national, European, and international advisor on Spasticity management positions him as a valuable asset in driving innovation and excellence within the organisation.

Looking ahead, Handl Group remains committed to exploring further opportunities for growth within the healthcare sector. With a keen focus on identifying synergistic partnerships and enhancing service capabilities, the company aims to deliver superior rehabilitation outcomes while expanding its footprint in the industry.