Excello Law’s Corporate Litigation and Insolvency Team Secures Successful Outcome in Claim for Restitution

Excello Law’s Corporate  Litigation and Insolvency Team Secures Successful Outcome in Claim for Restitution relating to Employee Benefit Trust on behalf of a Director.

Excello Law is pleased to announce the favourable resolution of a recent case involving a substantial monetary claim for restitution related to an Employee Benefit Trust. The Corporate Litigation and Insolvency team, led by partners Anna Shaw and Steve Thomas, engaged the services of Lisa Linklater K.C., whose expertise and dedication were instrumental in achieving this outcome.

The claim, brought against a former director by a company, sought to recover historic  tax payments made by the company due to the utilisation of an Employee Benefit Trust. Lisa Linklater, of Exchange Chambers, provided her extensive knowledge and strategic guidance throughout the two-year duration of the proceedings. Her exceptional advocacy skills, combined with a deep understanding of the complex legal issues involved in restitution, limitation, and tax law, were vital to the successful defence of the client.

Thanks to Excello expertise in directors law, shareholders rights , tax schemes and experience in trial work together with  Lisa’s unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, the Claimant dropped the claim and the Claimant has been ordered to pay our client’s costs.

This favourable outcome was achieved shortly before the scheduled 3 day  trial at the High Court of Justice, Business and Property Courts in Leeds, which was set to begin in early June 2023.

Excello Law’s team specialises in matters pertaining to Employee Benefit Trust Schemes and their implications for directors, particularly in the realms of insolvency and beyond.

Both partners, Anna Shaw and Steve Thomas, possesses extensive experience and expertise in this niche area of law. Their collaboration with Lisa Linklater further solidifies their commitment to providing exemplary legal services in this complex field.

The client was delighted with the outcome which was brought against him in the context of a family and shareholder dispute.  The dedication and professionalism demonstrated by the Corporate Litigation and Insolvency team reaffirm Excello Law’s mission to deliver outstanding legal services to its clients.