Excello Law and The Lawyer’s Diversity in Law Webinar

Fostering a More Inclusive Legal Profession

The legal industry, like many others, has been grappling with issues of diversity and inclusion for some time. Excello Law understands the importance of representation and is proud to lead by example with its diverse leadership team. The recent diversity webinar in collaboration with The Lawyer Magazine brought together a panel of esteemed legal professionals to address the pressing issue of diversity in the field.

The panel, comprised of legal experts Ranjit Sond from the Society of Asian Lawyers, Sharon Thomas, Head of the Black Counsel Forum, George Bisnought, CEO of Excello Law, and Joanne Losty of Excello Law, discussed the crucial role representation plays in the legal industry. The central theme of the discussion revolved around the need to foster diversity from the very beginning of one’s legal journey, right from students entering the industry and Newly Qualified (NQ) lawyers to achieving diversity at the highest levels of leadership.

George Bisnought, CEO of Excello Law, is among the very few law firm CEOs in the UK who understand the significance of promoting diversity. His leadership, combined with an otherwise all-female board at Excello Law, demonstrates a strong commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed, regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, or social background.

The webinar’s primary objective was to address the stark realities of diversity in the legal field. A mere 2 percent of all UK lawyers are Black, according to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, highlighting a glaring issue that cannot be ignored. The panel delved into why law firms have been struggling to make meaningful progress in increasing diversity and what more can be done to shift the diversity dial.

The panel didn’t just focus on identifying the problems but also offered creative solutions to make law firms more inclusive. By sharing their personal stories, they aimed to inspire change within the legal profession. Their discussion centered on how lawyers from all backgrounds, races, and genders can advance their careers in the legal world.

In the legal landscape, where tradition often runs deep, the importance of events like this diversity webinar cannot be understated. It not only raises awareness about the existing disparities but also provides actionable insights for a more diverse and accessible legal profession. This is a collective effort to ensure that law firms, from the bottom to the very top, have truly diverse leadership teams, where people from all backgrounds are represented authentically.

“How can we make sure everyone has a fair chance to succeed, no matter their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, or social mobility?” The answer lies in embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and sparking real change within the legal profession. Excello Law, in partnership with The Lawyer Magazine, is taking steps in the right direction, and with continued efforts, the legal industry can become a more diverse, equitable, and accessible field for all.