Your Debt Recovery Questions Answered

Chasing late payment is a time-consuming process for any business that sells on credit. Debt recovery helps you boost your cash flow by collecting overdue payments and bad debts. Handling problem debts through a debt recovery solicitor is a cost effective way of recovering debts, and as a specialist in this area I am able to provide a simple, effective and fast solution when payment problems arise.

I am sure you have many questions about myself, Excello Law and how debt recovery works. To help answer some of these, I have put together the following list of frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions then please contact myself E: [email protected] and I will be happy to help.

Who am I?

I have been undertaking debt recovery, insolvency and commercial litigation work for over 27 years, acting for businesses of all sizes. I am a recognised trainer, speaker and writer on debt recovery and insolvency matters. Excello Law offers an award winning debt recovery service – recognised independently by others.

What is Excello Law?

Excello Law is a vibrant national commercial law firm. After analysing the legal services market, the founder, George Bisnought, recognised that it was time to rethink the law firm model. The result is Excello Law which offers businesses direct access to leading partner level commercial lawyers who are free to focus fully on their clients’ business needs and competitive pricing models that offer certainty and value.

By removing unnecessary overheads and complex management structures, Excello Law positions the lawyer and the client at the centre of its service matrix. The result is a dynamic legal services model which gives businesses unrestricted access to some of the UK’s leading commercial lawyers at competitive prices. For its lawyers, Excello Law offers control and flexibility over their work and career path coupled with unparalleled administrative and marketing support.

Excello Law’s “experience heavy, bureaucracy light” approach successfully combines leading commercial lawyers – typically with around 20 years’ experience and significant client followings – with an infrastructure that is lighter and more technology-driven than that found in traditional law firms.

Founded in 2009, the firm has grown on the back of client and lawyer demand. It currently has a team of 55 lawyers providing practical legal advice across all areas of commercial law.

Why should I use Excello Law?

Excello Law is at the cutting edge of the future provision of legal services operating through an innovative business model. All our lawyers are senior members of the profession with an average of 19.2 years’ experience. They operate their own business centres and are therefore very aware from their own experiences of the challenges facing business owners.

Excello Law offers businesses consistent access to a national team of partner-level lawyers at a competitive price.

Excello Law operates a lighter and more technology-driven infrastructure than that of traditional law firms, giving businesses unrestricted access to the UK’s leading lawyers at a competitive price.

Excello Law offers a dynamic legal services model which gives businesses unrestricted access to some of the UK’s leading commercial lawyers who deliver the highest level of service at competitive prices.

How much will it cost?

Excello Law offers a fixed price service for uncontested invoice claims and has a 90+% success rate of settlement following an initial letter of claim. More involved cases move seamlessly into our dispute resolution service and we will then use our external connections to implement appropriate enforcement measures

Many businesses assume that it is going to be costly and time-consuming to pursue their debtors for payment. Our highly competitive fixed price process and phenomenal success rate means that it is worth even small businesses pursuing every debt. Email me for more information on fixed pricing [email protected]

Who do we help?

Whilst there is no business that is too small or too large for us to be able to help, the debt collection team’s typical client is of a sufficient size to have a dedicated credit controller who is able to pass debtors across to us as soon as it becomes apparent that there is a problem. Businesses that have and are accustomed to dealing with customers on the basis of their own standard terms of business are also at an advantage. Communication is usually undertaken by e-mail and telephone.

Give an example of a recent success

One success over the last year has been applying to the court on behalf of a client to set aside the resolution of a creditors meeting in respect of an individual voluntary arrangement where the client had deliberately not been advised of the meeting or the adjourned meeting and would have been bound to an inadequate and inaccurate proposal to creditors meaning that the client can and is commencing recovery against various assets which were not disclosed to other creditors. This shows the extent of our knowledge and abilities to secure a result for the client. We can and do follow through all the various forms of legal process which are available to recover debts – including issuing or supporting insolvency petitions.

What are the future plans for Excello Law?

Within the debt collection team, the plan is to continue to acquire clients who see us as an extension of their own internal credit control team. More widely, the firm is going through a period of measured expansion, looking to continue to increase the number of lawyers in the coming year.

The process of reviewing the needs of both the lawyers and clients, drives the evolution of Excello Law and is an on-going development.

How would you sum up Excello Law in one sentence?

Excello Law is a full-service law firm which has freed its lawyers from the politics and administration of traditional firms leaving them free to focus fully on the needs and interests of their clients.

I hope this helps to answer a few of your questions, however if you would like to find out more about using a debt recovery solicitor please get in touch. E: [email protected] T: 07852 616335