Early conciliation results.

The ACAS early conciliation statistics for the first six months have been released and, whilst not 100% representative of the actual results due to a time lag in people putting their claim in, make interesting reading.

By way of a recap in a claim for unfair dismissal it is now mandatory for the Claimant to first comply with early conciliation, likewise for other eligible claims unless one of the exceptions applies.  It therefore follows that the Tribunal can use the statistics to give it an indication of the likely number of imminent claims based on the most recent statistics.  If stats are your thing then you can find out more here.

In summary it shows that the average number of notifications per week once it became compulsory was £1600 per week.  About 10% of employees rejected conciliation once it had been started. If the employee wanted to proceed, ACAS would then contact the employer and only 10% of employers rejected the concept of conciliation.

There are also up to date figures for April – June in terms of outcome.  18% of those cases notified were settled under a COT3, 58% of the claims did not progress to Tribunal and 24% went to Tribunal.

Given the average 1,600 notifications per week seems to be settled, if these results continue we can expect about 24% to turn into ET claims so about 450 per week.  As always the figures are subject to revision in the next quarter.