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Really it is not rocket science – know what you do, know how to do it and do what you say. Simple you would have thought.

Not so – I have 2 experiences recently which really do make you wonder whether it is me at fault!

The first is my long running saga with my business mobile phone company who cannot seem to grasp what they should be charging me – they are overcharging me and so far I have had 4 people “correct” it and assure me that it has been done. We shall see because so far 3 of them have lied as the bills have still come through with me being overcharged! Next month should be interesting as if it is not sorted I am off to the Ombudsman and will not be renewing at the end of the short contract. It got that bad that I resorted to Live Chat on their website this time, which for me is a new thing!

The second concerns knowing what the customer actually needs to do. Recently I was told by an institution that I needed an activation code that would be sent to my email address etc. I was told this at least twice and on the final time I actually held on to the operator for 10 minutes waiting for this email to arrive, having been told it had been sent – I gave up and said I would call back. It never arrived after 24 hours (or even now)so I phoned back again to be told it was rubbish and this is what I needed to do on-line, was talked through it in 5 minutes and hey presto it all works! Thanks to the last customer service operator who had clearly been on the course and taken it in – as for the other 2 or 3 you need re-training to say the least. I was not impressed. Subsequently 7 days later I received an activation code by post that I do not need!

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